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Online material
Resources by and about Ronald Coase.


Handbook of New Institutional Economics
Volume edited by Claude Ménard and Mary Shirley, providing a major overview of recent developments and broad orientations in the field, 2005, paperback 2008.

The Elgar Companion to Ronald Coase
Volume edited by Claude Ménard and Elodie Bertrand, including essays by 31 authors assessing the impact of Ronald Coase's work and the continuing inspiration that researchers and policy makers find in his contributions. 2016.

The Origins and Early Years of the International Society for New Institutional Economics
Essay by John N. Drobak, Claude Menard, and Mary M. Shirley on the beginning and early years of ISNIE.

NIE reading list: articles
Selected articles on this NIE introductory reading list are available online.

Transaction costs
Essay by Douglas W. Allen on the history, use, significance of
the term transaction costs, 1999 (PDF file).

International seminars on New Institutional Economics
1983 to the present, published in the Journal of Institutional
and Theoretical Economics (JITE). Includes abstracts for the most recent period.

Institutions and Development
Book by Mary Shirley, a guide to improving economic performance in underdeveloped countries, 2008.


CORI contracts library
Online library of 690,000+ actual contracts compiled by the Contracting and Organizations Research Institute, University of Missouri, for use in research. Contracts include corporate organization, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, employment agreements, financing agreements, licenses.

Research datasets
compiled by the World Bank for use in research.  A large number of datasets cover various sets of indicators, countries, time periods. 

Doing Business
Measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 189 economies, assembled by the World Bank Group.  Example: entry costs, as measured by average time spent and official money price for all procedures required to start a new business legally.


Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE), formerly named the International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE)

Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy (IOEA)

World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR)


Do's and don'ts in abstracts
Advice on writing abstracts, by Mary Shirley.

What should be the standards for scholarly criticism?
Portray opposing viewpoints fully and fairly, by Mary Shirley.

Your professional name for English-language use
Choose and use your professional name well,
in English and elsewhere, by Alexandra Benham.

Resources for Economists on the Internet
Bill Goffe's outstanding collection of all kinds of online
economics resources. Includes data, publications,
organizations, jobs, grants, and teaching resources.

Conferences and job listings
Inomics: conference announcements, job openings, directory.

Online articles and working papers
IDEAS (based on RePEc): online bibliographic database for economics, with 2,500,000+ published articles and working papers to browse or search; over 2,300,000 to download.

Economics organizations worldwide
EDIRC: Index of Web sites of over 14,000 economics
organizations in 232 countries - academic, governmental,
private. Can be searched by country and field.


NIE terms in translation
Basic NIE terms translated into many languages.

NIE glossary in Arabic
NIE glossary in Arabic.

NIE Glossary in Chinese: Simplified/Traditional
NIE glossary in Chinese.

Some translations of Coase's works are available online.


JSTOR, the scholarly journal archive, offers online access to
journal articles through a paid subscription.  The subscription arrangements are usually financed by universities and libraries.  JSTOR currently has online 57 articles and reviews by Ronald Coase. is a searchable resource for second-hand and collectible books, as well as new ones.

The Liberty Fund has produced a 2002 video interview with Ronald Coase on DVD, conducted by Richard A. Epstein. They also offer a free audio download here.


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