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2018 Conference for Janos Kornai's 90th Birthday, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
The School of Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest, will host a conference on February 21, 2018 on the importance of Janos Kornai's research for understanding the changing role of the state in the economy. The deadline to submit abstracts is past. For further information, contact kornai90 at (replacing " at " with "@").

2018 Conference on the Life and Legacy of Douglass North, Arlington, Virginia, USA
A conference reflecting on the impact of Douglass North's work on the discipline of economics will be held at the Mercatus Center, George Mason University, March 2-3, 2018, hosted by Lee Alston, John Nye, and Barry Weingast. The deadline to submit abstracts is past. See details here.

2018 SIOE Conference, Montreal, Canada
The Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics will hold its 22nd annual conference in Montreal, Canada on June 21-23, 2018. It will take place at the international business school HEC Montreal. The deadline to submit papers or posters for consideration is February 5, 2018. See details here.

2018 Russian Summer School on Institutional Analysis, Moscow Region, Russia
The Center for Institutional Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics, will hold its annual summer school RSSIA on institutional analysis near Moscow on June 30 - July 6, 2018. The deadline to apply is March 20, 2018. See details here.


Becker Friedman Institute, University of Chicago, USA
The Becker Friedman Institute offers one-year and two-year pre- and postdoctoral positions to young scholars who demonstrate the ability to generate outstanding research in economics. Candidates must have completed their doctorate within the past three years or be in the final year of their doctoral studies. Candidates should be proposed by faculty under whom they have studied. Nominations should include the candidate's CV, letters of reference, an outline of the areas of economics and related fields that are of primary interest, and a brief description of current research and the research project to be explored. See details. Nominations will be accepted on a continuous basis.


ISNIE (now SIOE) Awards
ISNIE (SIOE) is awarding four prizes in institutional and organizational economics on a continuing basis. They are named for four Nobel laureates closely linked to the Society:
        Ronald Coase Best Dissertation Award
        Douglass North Best Paper or Book Award - for the best research in institutional and organizational economics
                published during the previous two years
        Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award - for sustained significant academic contributions to the field
        Oliver Williamson Best Conference Paper Award - for the best paper delivered at the ISNIE conference.


The Economic Analysis of Law Review
The current issue of The Economic Analysis of Law Review is available online in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and EconLit now includes this journal in its index. Chief editor Ivo T. Gico Jr. (2008 Beijing workshop alumnus) invites you to submit for review your papers that apply economic analysis or related methodologies to study legal issues through innovative perspectives.

The International Journal of Sustainable Real Estate and Construction Economics
Editor in chief Rita Li (2008 Philipines workshop alumna) invites Coase Institute workshop participants and alumni to submit for review their papers that deal with sustainable real estate and economics, emphasizing the application of economic theory. See details.

Also see Research Requests.

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