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2009 Xiamen Workshop: Scenes

Mary Shirley and Yongmiao Hong Small group meets during workshop

Mary Shirley speaks with Yongmiao Hong,
Dean of Wang Yanan Institute for Studies
in Economics (WISE), Xiamen University. 
WISE is co-sponsor of the workshop.

Small group sessions offer participants a first chance to discuss their research with faculty and fellow participants, before starting revisions.

Workshop members tour Gulangyu Island Final presentation by a participant

Beautiful Gulangyu Island is a short ride by
ferry boat from the workshop hotel. 
Participants and faculty explore, unwind,
visit the gardens and the piano museum,
and bargain for souvenirs.

After the hard work that goes into creating a final presentation, a lively interaction with the audience is a big plus.

Philippine workshop members sing a traditional song from their homeland  Lavish Chinese dishes fill the dining table

Songs from the Philippines entertain the
workshop during the closing gala dinner.
Participants and faculty alike perform music
from their homelands during a mini-festival
of song.

Delicious meals - with an endless stream of dishes - are a memorable part of the Xiamen experience.

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