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2008 Singapore Workshop: Titles of Abstracts

JANUARY 5-10, 2008


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Regulatory Commons Problem of Brownfields Redevelopment in China: A Framework of Institutional Analysis
Dong Ai and Sheng-ji Luan
China Agricultural University

Court Decentralization and Women’s Wellbeing
Raul F. Andrade
Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE)

Determining the Social Costs of Overseas Filipino Workers’ Remittances: 
A Need for Better Regulation and Institutional Arrangements
Alvin P. Ang
University of Santo Tomas

Comparative Constitutional History of Latin American and
East Asian Countries
Jose Cordeiro
Institute of Developing Economies

Incentive Contracts in a Mixed Duopoly: An Experimental Study
Ninghua Du, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Guangliang Ye, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

On Implementing Institutions: De Soto and Yunus Compared
Antara Haldar
University of Cambridge

The Transition from Relational to Legal Contract Enforcement
Fali Huang
Singapore Management University

Foreign Aid, External Macroeconomic Instability, and the Quality
of Institutions
Thierry Kangoye
CERDI-CNRS, Université d’Auvergne

Voluntary and Imposed Racial Segregation Zoning:
A Coasian-Olson Hong Kong Comparative Empirical Study
Valerius Wai Chun Kwong
The University of Hong Kong

Why Do Not All Restaurants Charge the Meal Before Eating?
Xinyu Li
Peking University

Do Democracies Grow Faster?  Revisiting the Institutions and Economic Performance Debate
Jessica Henson Decker and Jamus Jerome Lim
The World Bank

Improving the Revenue System under Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia
Tauvik Muhamad, International Labor Organization, Jakarta, Indonesia
Hanafi Rais, National University of Singapore

When Foreigners Are the Minority: To Collude or To Improve?
Alfredo R. Paloyo
Ruhr Graduate School in Economics

An Essay on Chinese Health Reform and Local Government
Jiwei Qian
National University of Singapore

Emerging Donors in Asia and their Implications for Japan’s
Foreign Aid Policies
Jin Sato
The University of Tokyo

Resource Curse?  A Theory of Contestable Political Market with Endogenous Entry Barriers
Kevin Tsui
Clemson University

Why Are the State-Owned Enterprises in China Always Sold by Negotiation?
Hai Wang
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Why Value-Based Property Taxation Cannot Happen in Transitional
Urban China?
Siu-wai Wong, Bo-sin Tang and Sing-cheong Liu
The University of Hong Kong

Social Tie and Internal Knowledge Transfer:  Does Culture Matter?
Yi Yang   
University of Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Do Institutions Matter?  Estimating the Effects of Institutions on Economic Performance in China
Yang Zhao and Ying Fang
Xiamen University

An Evolutionary Game Model for China's Medium- and Small-Scale
State-Owned Enterprise Reform
Ninghua Zhong, Peking University
Ji Shen, Yale University

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