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2004 Chicago Conference: Scenes

Ronald Coase and Douglass North talk together at the 2004 Chicago conference The technical team discusses technical issues at lunch

Ronald Coase and Douglass North, founders of the field of New Institutional Economics,  talk together between conference sessions.

Researchers from around the world who are measuring selected costs of exchange in their
own countries confer during the technical team meeting. 

Ronald Coase, Alexandra Benham, Sam Peltzman, and Ning Wang meet at the conference Ronald Coase and Mary Shirley talk at lunch

Sam Peltzman, director of the Stigler Center at
the University of Chicago, co-hosting the
conference, greets Ronald Coase, Alexandra Benham, and Ning Wang.

Mary Shirley discusses the program with
Ronald Coase during lunch in the Gleacher Center, University of Chicago.  

Douglass North discusses his forthcoming book Conference attendees talk informally together

Douglass North discusses with conference
attendees some ideas in his forthcoming book, Understanding the Process of Economic Change.

After the sessions, Buthaina Elnaiem, Estomih
Nkya, Marcela Allué, Sam Peltzman, Ken Gartrell,
and Olga Nashchekina chat with colleagues.

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