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2003 Budapest Workshop: Scenes 1

Douglass North lectures Philip Keefer confers with participant

Douglass North lectures on cognitive science
and economics to the workshop. The workshop
venue was generously provided by the Budapest
College of Management.

Philip Keefer confers with participant György Komáromi on his research project.

Twilight on the Danube Dinner in a Greek restaurant

After a day of intense work, a twilight view while cruising along the Danube...

Dinner at a Greek restaurant provides food for thought.

Young organizers of workshop Douglass North chats with participants on boat

Zeny Kranzer and the Hungarian young
organizers for the workshop - Sabina Unkic,
Balázs Horváth, Erzsébet Zsámboki, Balázs
Sági, and András Facsádi - celebrate another
well-organized day.

Douglass North talks with workshop participants on shipboard.


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