Ronald Coase Institute
2015 Hong Kong workshop

We promote research on the institutions                                                       
                   - the laws, rules, customs, and norms -              
                                             that govern real economic systems.

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         New Institutional Economics
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SCAM ALERT: The Ronald Coase Institute has become aware that someone is illegally using its name and the name of its administrator Darin Hargis to perpetrate a scam. The scam involves a job ad posted on Craigslist and perhaps other job websites, seeking to hire an assistant. Neither the Ronald Coase Institute nor anyone affiliated with it is hiring an assistant, and it does not post ads on Craigslist or other classifieds. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be hiring on behalf of or affiliated with the Ronald Coase Institute, please contact us at coaseinstitute at coase dot org, and please report the scam to Craigslist (or the host of the ad) and to the Internet Crime Complaint Center The scammer has been known to use the email addresses and and the phone number 845-271-6480. No one affiliated with the Ronald Coase Institute uses these email addresses or this phone number.

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